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What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes (K8s) is an open source orchestration system developed by Google to automate the deployment, scaling and management of container-based applications. The project is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

What is Kubernetes used for?

Kubernetes essentially provides a set of tools and processes that alleviate the operational burden associated with deploying, running, scaling, and managing container-based applications. This allows you to focus on writing code instead of managing infrastructure.

Kubernetes vs Docker

Docker is a container runtime. You can think of containers as lightweight, self-contained executable packages that include everything you need to run your application such as code, libraries, and dependencies. Kubernetes was designed to make deploying and managing (aka, orchestrating), multiple containers from multiple container runtimes easier.

Note that Kubernetes supports many different contain runtimes including containerd, CRI-O, and any other implementation of the Kubernetes CRI (Container Runtime Interface).
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These are the k8s certifications developed by the CNCF. We recommend you get started with CKA or CKAD.
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Monitoring & Alerting

An app that helps you monitor your Kubernetes cluster, debug critical deployments & gives recommendations for standard practices.
Open Source
Kubernetes Metrics Server
Scalable and efficient source of container resource metrics for Kubernetes built-in autoscaling pipelines.
Open Source
Kubernetes Dashboard
A general purpose, web-based UI for Kubernetes clusters. manage applications running in the cluster and troubleshoot them.
Open Source
Monitor & detect crashes in your Kubernetes(K8s) cluster instantly.
Open Source
Helm Dashboard
A UI-driven way to view the installed Helm charts, see their revision history and corresponding k8s resources.
Open Source
Query, visualize, alert on and understand your metrics no matter where they are stored. Create, explore, and share dashboards with your team.
Open Source
A technology designed to provide monitoring and alerting functionality for cloud-native environments, including Kubernetes.
Open Source
kiali is a management console for Istio service mesh. Kiali can be quickly installed as an Istio add-on, or trusted as a part of your production envir
Open Source


A tool to easily tail Kubernetes container logs. It's like kubectl logs, but with a bunch of nice features
Open Source
OpenTelemetry makes robust, portable telemetry a built-in feature of cloud-native software.
Open Source
Dynamically program the kernel for efficient networking, observability, tracing, and security.
Open Source
Instant Kubernetes-Native application observability. View the high-level state of your cluster, and also drill down into more detailed views.
Open Source
Kubernetes observability and automation, with an awesome Prometheus integration.
Open Source
Stern allows you to tail multiple pods on Kubernetes and multiple containers within the pod. Each result is color coded for quicker debugging.
Open Source
Tools for observing Kubernetes resources in real time.
Open Source
Kube-state-metrics (KSM)
Kube-state-metrics (KSM) is a simple service that listens to the Kubernetes API server and generates metrics about the state of the objects.
Open Source
The Kubespray distribution brings the power of Ansible for configuration, setup, and maintenance of a Kubernetes cluster.
Open Source

Cluster Management

K9s provides a terminal UI to interact with your Kubernetes clusters and makes it easier to navigate, observe and manage your deployed applications.
Open Source
Popeye is a utility that scans live Kubernetes cluster and reports potential issues with deployed resources and configurations.
Open Source
kubenav is the navigator for your Kubernetes clusters right in your pocket.
Open Source
Liqo enables dynamic and seamless Kubernetes multi-cluster topologies, supporting heterogeneous on-premise, cloud and edge infrastructures.
Open Source
Hierarchical Namespace Controller adds hierarchical policies and delegated creation to Kubernetes namespaces for improved in-cluster multitenancy.
Open Source
Pluto is a utility to help users find deprecated Kubernetes apiVersions in their code repositories and their helm releases.
Open Source
Automated management of large-scale applications on K8s. Extend and complement the K8s core controllers for workload and application management.
Open Source
Kubernetes-based Event Driven Autoscaling component. It provides event driven scale for any container running in Kubernetes
Open Source
Simple Kubernetes real-time dashboard and management.
Open Source
Grafana Tanka
Flexible, reusable and concise configuration for Kubernetes
Open Source
Create fully functional virtual Kubernetes clusters - Each vcluster runs inside a namespace of the underlying k8s cluster.
Open Source
Kubernetes operations (kOps) - Production grade k8s installation, upgrades and management.
Open Source

Cost Optimization

Kubectl-cost is a kubectl plugin that provides easy CLI access to Kubernetes cost information, like historical cost and predicted future cost.
Open Source
Cross-cloud cost allocation models for Kubernetes workloads.
Open Source
Reduce Kubernetes costs while improving performance and resilience with data-driven intelligence built for continuous optimization.
Open Source


Devtron helps you deploy, observe, manage & debug existing Helm apps in all your clusters.
Open Source
Keep Kubernetes clusters in sync with sources of configuration, and automate updates to configuration when there is new code to deploy.
Open Source
Argos CD
Argo CD is a declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tool for Kubernetes.
Open Source
Argo Events
Argo Events is an event-driven workflow automation framework for Kubernetes.
Open Source
Tekton Pipelines
The Tekton Pipelines project provides k8s-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines.
Open Source
Argo Workflows
Argo Workflows is an open source container-native workflow engine for orchestrating parallel jobs on Kubernetes.
Open Source
A Helm Charts as Code tool which allows you to automate the deployment & management of your Helm charts from version controlled code.
Open Source
Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence.
Open Source
Progressive delivery Kubernetes operator (Canary, A/B Testing and Blue/Green deployments
Open Source
Skaffold is a command line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes applications.
Open Source


eBPF-based Networking, Security, and Observability
Open Source
Instant K8s service dependency map, right to your Grafana.
Open Source
Gloo Edge is a feature-rich, Kubernetes-native ingress controller, and next-generation API gateway.
Open Source
The API traffic viewer for K8s providing real-time, protocol-aware visibility into Kubernetes’ internal network.
Open Source
Submariner is a tool built to connect overlay networks of different Kubernetes clusters.
Open Source
Calico is an open source networking and network security solution for Kubernetes, virtual machines, and bare-metal workloads.
Open Source


A tool that enables controlled, audited access to Kubernetes infrastructure for your users, user groups, and services. Ships as a GUI, API, and CLI.
Open Source
Secure your Kubernetes by blocking the deployment of misconfigured resources.
Open Source
Kubeaudit helps you audit your Kubernetes clusters against common security controls.
Open Source
Trivy has a native Kubernetes Operator which continuously scans your K8s cluster for security issues, and generates security reports as CRDs.
Open Source
kube-bench is a tool that checks whether Kubernetes is deployed securely by running the checks documented in the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark.
Open Source
A policy engine for Kubernetes that validates and remediates resource configuration.
Open Source

Machine Learning

Kubeflow the cloud-native platform for machine learning operations - pipelines, training and deployment.
Open Source
Volcano is system for running high-performance workloads on Kubernetes.
Open Source
A module to automatically maximize the utilization of GPU resources in a Kubernetes cluster.
Open Source

Development Tools

Define Kubernetes native apps and abstractions using object-oriented programming.
Open Source
Operator SDK
SDK for building Kubernetes applications. Provides high level APIs, useful abstractions, and project scaffolding.
Open Source
Kubebuilder - SDK for building Kubernetes APIs using CRDs
Open Source
Kaniko is a tool to build container images from a Dockerfile, inside a container or Kubernetes cluster.
Open Source
Connect your local process and your cloud environment, and run local code in cloud conditions.
Open Source
A set of tools for creating and maintaining high-quality Kubernetes configurations throughout the entire application lifecycle.
Open Source
Automation for Kubernetes development and testing. Spin up production-like environments for development, testing, and CI on demand.
Open Source
Define your dev environment as code. For microservice apps on Kubernetes.
Open Source
Develop your applications directly in your Kubernetes Cluster
Open Source

Testing & Troubleshooting

Identify weaknesses & potential outages in infrastructures by inducing chaos tests in a controlled way.
Open Source
Kubernetes object analysis with recommendations for improved reliability and security.
Open Source
Test Infra
Tools and configuration files for the testing and automation needs of the Kubernetes project.
Open Source

Data Integration

Extracts, transform, and load configuration from cloud APIs to variety of supported destinations like databases, data lakes, or streaming platforms.
Open Source
Read infrastructure data from your cloud and export it to a SQL database.
Open Source
Resoto creates an inventory of your cloud, provides deep visibility, and reacts to changes in your infrastructure.
Open Source

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