What if you could
Turn every one of your developers into a production reliability hero?

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Developers are crucial allies in building and running reliable software. But getting them fully committed to production monitoring and troubleshooting is tough.

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A multi-layered tooling stack might work for Ops, SRE, and Infra teams, but it doesn’t work for developers who need a more streamlined approach.

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Meet Kerno

The developer production reliability platform

A lightweight unified experience blending observability, incident management, gitops and error monitoring to help developers cut through the noise and independently resolve production issues faster.

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Reduce production downtime risk

Empowering your developers to understand how their code performs in complex production systems so they can build reliable software.

Increase developer productivity

Give your developers the tools and workflows to cut through the noise and focus on what matters to resolve issues and get back to building.

Alleviate pressure on Ops and SRE teams

Make production insights accessible to every developer so they have the autonomy to fix issues before they escalate.

Resolve incidents faster and reduce MTTR

Determine within minutes where the root cause of an issue is and streamline coordination of who needs to act and who doesn't.

Out of the Box Value

Get up and running this morning

Deploy Kerno in a few minutes and get everything you need out of the box. No time-consuming code changes, manual instrumentation, custom dashboards, or complex configurations.

Auto instrument your apps without SDKs

Apply a single YAML file to gain full coverage of your Kubernetes applications and capture granular data across your stack without code changes.

Focus on what matters most to you

Kerno uses your code commits and team affiliations to show you insights that are relevant to your work so you can minimize noise and distraction.

Deploy on any K8s environment

Smart Error Capture and Management

Automatically catch, prioritize, and assign issues to the right people at the right time

Kerno auto-detects errors across your entire stack, prioritizes them based on your SLOs and SLIs, and correlates them in the context of specific code commits and config changes to inform the right people at the right time, minimizing coordination efforts and alert overload.

Automatically group and correlate errors

Kerno groups errors and correlates them down to the specific request and code version so you know where to look.

Collaborate and keep everyone in the loop

Kerno notifies relevant people and directs them to the precise error view so they can collaborate and stay in the loop.
Streamlined Error Resolution

Get to the root cause in a few clicks

No switching between dashboards, dealing with blobs of uncontextualized logs, or connecting the dots manually. Jump directly into a hyper-contextualized view of an error with fully correlated and filtered event and telemetry data down to the broken line of code.

Get the full context for every issue

Get all the code-context, and contextual metadata including stack traces, payload, logs, events and git blame data to quickly pinpoint the root cause.

Move fast and minimize distractions

Breeze through issue with flows optimized for distributed systems error resolution, that minimize manual work and keep you always in-context.
Low-Friction, Low-Risk Deployments

Keep operational overhead and cost under control

Kerno takes a non-data-intensive approach by leveraging kernel-level integration, in-cluster architecture, and low level AI models to deliver an out-of-box seamless experience for developers at a predictable cost and a negligible system footprint.

Stay in control of your data

Kerno leverages an in-cluster architecture to ensure that your data is processed, stored, and always remains secure inside your cluster.

Obfuscate sensitive data

Kerno detects and obfuscates PII at source so that you can give your developers safe access to the production insights they need in real-time.

Keep overhead low at scale

Kerno leverages eBPF kernel-level instrumentation to collect granular data across your entire stack at a minimal footprint (<2%).

100% coverage without compromise

Event-based data collection and edge processing gives you all the critical debugging data your developers need without additional cost.

Unlimited seats

Give Kerno to every developer and mobilize your entire engineers with a production performance mindset without worrying about your bill.

Predictable flat pricing

Pay based on the number of unique components you have running in production and never worry again about unpredictable volume-based pricing.

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